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Aircraft Online is proudly sponsored by Civil Aviation Insurance, New Zealand & Australia’s Leading Aviation Insurance Broker
Aircraft Online is proudly sponsored by Civil Aviation Insurance, New Zealand & Australia's Leading Aviation Insurance Broker - Buy and Sell every type of Aircraft and Aviation Accessory & on Aircraft Online Free of any Charge - New Zealand and Australia largest Online Aviation Free Classifieds.

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About Aircraft Online

Aircraft Online [‘Aircraftonline’] is an online advertising facility created primarily for the free use of persons and corporations wishing to sell and/or buy aviation related items such as aircraft, aircraft accessories and other aviation related things.

How Can Aircraftonline Provide Free Advertising

The Aircraftonline facility is sponsored by Civil Aviation Insurance Ltd [Australia] and Civil Aviation Insurance [New Zealand] both of which are part of the Rural & General Insurance Broking Group of companies and is used to advertise Civil Aviation's insurance products.

Who Can Use the Aircraftonline Website

Any person or corporation wishing to sell and/or buy aviation related items such as aircraft, aircraft accessories and other aviation related things subject to all the terms and conditions herein.

Do I have to give my Credit Card Details or Payment Promise of any Kind

Absolutely not.

What's the Benefit of Advertising on Aircraftonline

Well, firstly advertising on Aircraftonline is free; the site is heavily promoted within the Australasian and Pacific regions and hosts many viewers daily from interested buyers and sellers- what more do you need.

Do I need a Special Program to place my Advertisement on the Aircraftonline website

All you need is access to the internet, it's that easy to create an advertisement, by just clicking on the flashing 'listing link' on the top right of the home page; fill in the information requested such as type of item/aircraft, model, price and location etc' - add a few photos from your digital camera or mobile phone and press submit - your advertisement should appear as the latest listing on the home page in minutes and remain on the site for up to 3 months.

Once my Advertisement is Up can I Edit or Remove My Advertisement

Yes, at anytime; Upon listing your advertisement you will be issued with a unique User Id' and Password exclusive to you. Using those details you will be able to edit your advertisement or remove it. Unless removed your advertisement will remain as a current listing on the website for (3) months after which time you can choose to renew the advertisement again [for free] or if the aircraft or item is sold, you can simply choose not to renew.

Can I have more than one Advertisement at a Time

Yes, you can in fact you can have an unlimited number of advertisements but, please don't simply repeat the same advertisements over and over again like they do on Ebay, because it will swamp the site and be quite unfair to others and your advertisements might be removed by us and you might be banned from placing any further advertisements on our site.

Can I Advertise Anything Other than Aviation Related Stuff 

No, the Aircraftonline website is exclusively for buying and selling Aircraft and Aviation related stuff.

What about Spam, Viruses and Junkmail

The Aircraftonline website has a number of security measures built in to it in order to prevent things like that happening but, no one can guarantee it wont happen. Stay on you guard and inform us immediately if something like that happens.

What are the Rules, if any, for using the Aircraft Online website

Yes, we have rules; All the rules are expressed in the Terms and Conditions which includes matters such as your personal conduct with others in respect to contact and enquires and acting with the utmost goodfaith in your communications with others and not to act an irresponsible manner or annoy, mislead or be a nuisance to others. Terms and Conditions of Use

In Summary

So, why pay to list your aircraft or aviation related stuff for sale when Aircraftonline can do it for free – all we ask is that when you are next considering your aviation insurance requirements you give some thought to obtaining a free no obligation aviation insurance quote from Civil Aviation Insurance. Australia   New Zealand
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Cargo & Transit Insurance:- Cargosafe is RGIB's specialist cargo and transit insurance division arranging cover for all types of cargo freighted anywhere in Australia &/or New Zealand; and Worldwide. No mater how big or small the freight is or how it is shipped - sea - air - road - rail or a combined transit, or whether as a one off shipment of household furniture & personal effects to commercial goods and livestock, we can take care of it.





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Aircraft Online New Zealand has hundreds of aircraft for sale and is the leading New Zealand website for aircraft sales and aviation items and parts advertised for sale. Aircraft Online is the leading aviation market place to buy and sell all types of aircraft and aviation accessories, where you can find everything aviation, from an aircraft for sale to a single engine private aircraft or commercial multi-engine aeroplane including a helicopter, seaplane, glider, gyrocopter, ultralight, microlight, recreational or sports aircraft or even a hot air balloon, agricultural crop duster, war-bird, antique aircraft or a flying school aero club trainer. Aircraft Online is a free aviation advertising site for aircraft dealers, private owners and pilots wanting to buy or sell an aircraft or aviation accessories to wanting to hire or rent an aircraft, or you can find an aircraft broker or dealer to help buy or sell your aircraft, or find aviation services such as aircraft or helicopter maintenance. You can also find aircraft parts, hangars, avionics, engines and aviation memorabilia. Aircraft Online has aircraft for sale all over New Zealand, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Nelson, Northland, Otago, Southland, Taranaki, Tasman, Waikato, Wanganui, Wellington, West Coast including Australia & the Pacific Island Nations and South East Asia. © Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved